Monday, December 30, 2013

Large Scale Formal Wallcoverings

The Premiere Collection from Warner Wallcoverings is a mixture of large scale patterns that will compliment a kitchen, bedroom, dining room and living room. The Napa Valley Toile with the large grape vines and birds would look nice in a dining room setting. The hydrangea floral trail is available in a variety of colors that would look charming in any bedroom. If you are looking for a more formal wallpaper the large scroll and tone on tone damask designs are right on point.

To see more patterns from the Premiere collection visit Wallcoverings for Less.

Oceanview Scroll Design

Orchard Design

Andrea Design

Annabelle Design

Glenmont Design

Napa Valley Toile Design

Monday, December 16, 2013

Budget Friendly Texture Wallpaper

The latest collection from Brewster Wallcoverings, EZ Hang Textures Volume 6, is a stylish and budget friendly collection. The patterns are easy to install and are prepasted, two great features! The designs include textures and colors inspired by fabrics and natural materials.

To see more selections from EZ Hang Textures visit Wallcoverings for Less.

Albin Linen Texture Wallpaper
A rustic linen texture for walls in a hue reminiscent of burlap. This subtle wallpaper adds a warm look to walls in a timeless neutral. 

Laurin New Stria Wallpaper
Bring to your space a fashionable air that's both exciting and new, with this breathtaking striped textured wallpaper. It's serene design boasts a Victorian charm that is sure to woo your guests!

Spore Bubble Texture Wallpaper
A sea of bubbles adorn this slightly pearlescent wallcovering. Gorgeously textured for an exceptionally smooth finish, stylize your walls in this pebbled masterpiece.

Casper Shiny Blotch Wallpaper
Like a beautifully painted canvas, this polished satin texture alludes rustic elegance by creating a luxurious gleaming wallpaper mixed with an iridescent watercolor design. 

Rag Texture Wallpaper
This highly-stylized distressed textured wallpaper, will bring a cool and calming air to any room. A slightly dimmed sky blue hue interwoven between bursts of white, creates an ideal plaster-like finish on a variety of walls.  

Basket Weave Texture Wallpaper
This highly textured basket weave design brings to your room an inviting warmth. A deep brick red meshes collectively together between beige and grey, creating a wallpaper that's lush and refined. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Customize Your Wallpaper with Paintable Wallpaper

Paintable wallpaper is the ideal solution for problem walls.  This new collection features traditional, contemporary and plaster effect styles. The wallpaper is an affordable option for achieving a stylish look. The prepasted wallcovering can be painted - you choose the color - after a few days of the paintable wallpaper curing to the wall. Another feature great option is applying the wallpaper to your ceiling. The picture below here gives you an idea of what you can achieve.

To see more paintable patterns Paintable Solutions Volume 4 from visit Wallcoverings for Less

Monday, December 2, 2013

Country Chic Wallpaper

Claremont is an elegant and charming compilation of blossoms and vines, cameo fleurs, embellished stripes, damasks and trellis designs. Special printing techniques with vivid garden colors, soft neutrals and captivating pearlescent inks give the designs a hand-painted look and feel. These pretty wallpapers have a vintage splendor, and are printed on an eco-chic vinyl free substrate for ease of installation and simple removal.

All patterns are available in an array of colors to make for easy decorating. To view more Claremont patterns visit Wallcoverings for Less.

Roselle Trail Wallpaper
Get lost among blooming roses on this gorgeous botanical wallcovering. Trailing leaves and vines intertwine playfully bringing a girly and feminine touch to your home. 

Roselle Toss Wallpaper
Invite a small floral touch to your room with this beautiful rose toss wallpaper. Its delicate design exudes the simplicity and charm of nature adding a bit of country chic to any space. 

Roselle Damask Wallpaper
The large damask wallpaper is a fun and chic pattern. Available in beautiful pastel colors, ones to surely bring life to your room.

Roselle Damask Wallpaper

Dog Rose Trail Wallpaper
The hand-painted flowers float on an intricate textured backdrop.

Rose Trail Wallpaper and companion Rose Leaf Trail Wallpaper
The two-toned rose leaf trail wallpaper has a soft pearlescent sheen to it. Giving an elegant look.

Rose Stripe Wallpaper
Transform your home into a botanical garden with this luscious floral striped wallpaper. Makes for a lovely bedroom wallpaper.

Cameo Damask Wallpaper
We haven't seen a victorian damask wallcovering in a while. The pearlescent hand-painted cameos combined with elegant and lush florals bring a grandiose, vintage presence with a stately touch of modern. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Waverly Wallpaper is Back!

And even better than before! So glad to see York Wallcoverings has taken over the Waverly brand wallpaper. They really have taken the brand to a new level of design and color. There are still a few of the oldie but goody patterns in the new Waverly Classics collection. The new patterns embrace the Chevron and Trellis design that continues to be popular. The large scale ornate patterns and floral trail patterns are a nice addition.

To see more Waverly patterns visit Wallcoverings for Less.

Byzance Wallpaper

Casablanca Rose Wallpaper

Country Life Toile Wallpaper

Fantasy Fleur Wallpaper

Framework Wallpaper

Hampton Trellis Wallpaper

Mandarin Prose Wallpaper

Monday, November 18, 2013

Decorating with Peel and Stick in Deep Colors

This is the time of year that we Northeasterners start to hunker down and try to keep warm. Therefore we are spending quite a bit of time inside our homes.  Deep warm colors are always inviting and comforting hues why not bring them in to your space.  If you decide in the Spring you want to change to something brighter and more cheerful, the peel and stick wall decals by Wall Pops are very easy to remove. And very easy to reposition as a matter of fact!

To view more Wall Pops visit Wallcoverings for Less.

The Blackberry color is a rich Burgundy tone that can draw out the masculinity of a room.  If you simply add the peel and stick burgandy to an already painted wall, it may be all the room needs to be complete.

The Cameroon design brings together different shades of green as well as burgandy. The Cameroon leafy stripe border brings a lot of the outdoors in. The Blackberry works very well with the Cameroon Wall Pop. Mixing the two designs would make for a great blend.

Brown is one of those colors, like gray, that pretty much goes with everything.  Pink and Brown, Blue and Brown, Orange and Brown, Aqua and Brown...the list goes on. If you are thinking about decorating with brown the Espresso Brown Wall Pops has great coordinating options, alphabets, monograms, blox, dots and stripes.

Espresso Brown Alphabet Set
Contains 87 Pieces per package 

Durham Espresso Brown Monogram
Contains 27 letters per package


Monday, November 11, 2013

Cool Kids Wallpaper and Border

York Wallcovering has once done it again with their fabulous wallpaper and border designs. This time they have gone above and beyond in their new children's wallcovering collection. Cool Kids is right on trend with color and design which includes chevron designs, wide eye owls, animal prints and pirate treasure map wallpaper as well as sports borders.

To see more Cook Kids selection visit Wallcoverings for Less.

Any young girl would love the bright pink lattice wallpaper with a glitter outline with the brightly colored butterfly border.

Gray and White Chevron Wallpaper goes well with stark white furniture.

The aqua polka dot chevron wallpaper looks great on one wall with the other three painted a coordinating color.

Every little boy loves construction vehicles. Now they can have the construction vehicles in blue print wallpaper and of course a matching border. Available in many colors to coordinate with the room decor.


For the tween girl that loves lime green! The bright green lattice wallpaper is also outlined in glitter. The flora border adds nice pops of color!

For the preschool and elementary years the pastel pennant border and large circle wallpaper would make any little girl happy. Such fun design scheme and so many colors to work with.

The owls have become quite popular! They are everywhere...borders, artwork, bedding. They are perfect for a child who hasn't committed to a character or a super hero they love. I personally will be adding the owls to my daughters room!

The ever present peace sign never seems to go out of style. However it does change with the times and trends. This peace sign border and wallpaper from Cook Kids has both an animal print and a zebra print to the background! Love the new style addition.

For the young boys that love pirates, the treasure map wallpaper and pennant border are very cool. They both include a skull and cross bones and of course a pirate ship. Just think of the endless hours of imaginary play looking for hidden treasures can bring to your child.

I think the Fast and Furious movie inspired this wallpaper as it is covered with odometer gauges and speed! For those that don't want the all over design, the coordinating borders are race cars, which is a lot less busier. 

Attention Divas!....And anyone that loves glitter. The flower petal burst wallpaper is covered in glitter. The matching Eiffel tower border, available in purple, pink and aqua, also has bursts of glitter. Add the peel and stick Eiffel tower to complete the room.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Decorate with Large Scale Baroque Wallpaper

The St. Augustine collection by York Wallcoverings is a mixture of baroque and elegant designs inspired by one of the oldest European settlements, St. Augustine, Florida. The wallpaper in this collection is of a larger scale and would really compliment a large space such as a large hallway, foyer or dining room.

To view more patterns from the St. Augustine collection visit Wallcoverings for Less.

The Baroque Floral Damask in navy and gold are two colors our customers have been inquiring about for quite some time. This pattern is one of my favorites and just absolutely stunning.

The Baroque Medallion Fleur de Lis is one of those wallpaper designs that can go anywhere! Hallway, dining room, would look great anywhere. 

The "Embroidered" Damask design is a great combination of both the stripe and damask patterns everyone loves. The wallpaper has a bit of a more cozy feel so my recommendation would be that this is best in a bedroom setting.

The "Embroidered" Scroll design looks charming with both white and silver decor.  If you don't want to make a statement and just want something subtle this would be the way to go.

The traditional Floral Trail wallpaper has a touch of a scroll design with complimenting flowers.

My taste is a bit on the more contemporary side and I am drawn to unusual designs. The Tufted Fabric wallpaper patterns in St. Augustine are so realistic looking. The gold, gray and off white colorways all make for a great focal wall.