Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trellis Wallcovering

Lattice designed wallpaper or also known as trellis wallpaper has become quite popular. Trellis wallpaper is best known for its clean lines and 2 color combinations.

The Decadance Collection has a few deep dramatic colorways of the large scale trellis design.

If you are looking to tie together your nursery or childrens room, the Peek-a-boo Collection has quite a few lively colors.

The kitchen is the perfect room to have bright and cheery wallpaper. You want to make it inviting, relaxing and a happy place to be. The open trellis pattern in yellow pairs nicely with bright white cabinets and makes a great kitchen wallpaper.

The Bistro Collection has a coral colored trellis with a matching border. A perfect kitchen combination as a coral works with any color in the spectrum.

For a more sophisticated trellis design and color look through the Silhouettes Collection.

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