Thursday, June 27, 2013

Create a warm and inviting space

Create a warm and inviting home with a decorating theme involving country borders. York Wallcoverings has a great selection of country inspired wallpaper and border sure to exude a welcoming environment. Country seems to carry itself throughout a home very nicely as it is such a versatile design. To shop for more Country borders go to

Hearts & Crafts Vol 3











Hearts & Crafts Vol 3











All of these country borders are perfect in both a kitchen and a dining room. As you can see from the photos above they also work nicely in a living room. 

Hearts & Crafts Vol 3



Border Portfolio



Hearts & Crafts Vol 3



Border Portfolio





Border Portfolio




Monday, June 24, 2013

Self Cling Window Decor

The self cling Stained Glass Appliques are for indoor use only and are easy to install. Transform a simple window into a unique statement. They are so realistic looking your friends won't believe you installed the stained glass yourself!

Essex Amber Design

Rose Design

Pansy Medallion Clear Design

Look here for more Stained Glass Appliques.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Make a Statement with a Wall Mural!

You can have a beautiful focal wall without the expense of hiring a muralist. Murals are available in wall size, chair rail size and door panel size. They are fairly simply to install as they are fabricated in manageable panel sections.

Have fun with a pirate ship or a princess castle mural in your childs room.

Pirate Mural - Chair Rail Size

What boy wouldn't love a herd of dinosaurs roaming his room?

Dinosaur Mural - Chair Rail Size

Country inspired window murals are great for kitchens. The murals can be hung over both painted surfaces as well as wallpaper. When installing over a wallpaper you will need to use a vinyl over vinyl wallpaper paste.

Country Window Box Mural

Create a sophisticated unique look with a beautiful flowering mural.

Spring Mural - National Geographic 

What a fun addition to your childrens playroom!

Treehouse Mural - National Geographic

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Faux Stone, Brick and Wood Wallpaper

I have helped many people that are looking to update their kitchen back splashes and don't want to tile. The next best option to many is installing a faux stone, brick, tile or wood wallpaper.

The faux brick wallpaper from the Illusions collection by Patton Wallcoverings is one we have trouble keeping in stock because it is so popular.

The Textures, Techniques & Finishes collection is filled with faux styled wallpaper. The different size stones make this pattern look so real. The faux stone wallpaper is available in many colors.

Looking to make a statement? This faux rock wallpaper is very realistic and makes a great accent wall.

In the Hearts & Crafts Volume 3 book you will find an array of faux wood plank wallpaper. The wallpaper actually looks like real planks of wood. Perfect for those decorating their home in the country theme.

Shop Wallcoverings for Less for your Faux Stone, Brick and Wood wallpaper designs.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Ever Classic Toile Wallpaper

Many people call Toile wallcovering old fashioned. Believe it or not there are still toile wallpaper designs that are very classic and look great in the right setting. Toiles no longer feature only pastoral scenes. There are many asian toile designs as well as woodland toiles.

The Ink wallpaper collection by Brewster Wallcovering has the classic black and white Toile Wallpaper everyone has grown to love.

Thibaut Design has a great selection of toile wallcoverings. The Toile Resource Volume 2 has a beautiful red and white pattern along with coordinating fabric for window treatments, cushions and pillows.


There are many Asian Toile wallpapers available and I might say in wonderful designs and colors. The La Belle Maison collection has 3 colorways to choose from.

The Tea House wallpaper collection from Thibaut Design is one of my all time favorite books. If you are looking for a whimsical wallpaper with bright colors this book is for you. The Meridian pattern here also comes in a bright pink and green colorway.

If you are looking for a tone on tone Asian Toile check out the patterns in Silhouettes. 

Silhouettes by York Wallcoverings has a wide range of colors in the Woodland Toile designs. The pattern is neither too country or too classic.


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Monday, June 10, 2013

Wild Animal Print Wallpaper

Animal print wallpaper is not limited to just zebra print these days. There are additional wallpaper designs including alligator, cheetah and leopard.

The purple and pink animal print wallpaper, from the Just Kids Collection, is very popular among the teens. It makes accessorizing that much more fun!

The Risky Business wallpaper Collection from York Wallcoverings has both cheetah and zebra print wallpaper. When paired with the appropiate decor and accessories the animal print is a great edition.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Superman Wall Accents

With his x-ray vision and being known as the strongest man the in world, Superman is the longest known super hero. Our Superman wall decor is very easy to install!

Superman Wall Decal
26 1/2" W X 41" H

Peel and Stick Superman Comic Book Covers
24" W X 33"H

Peel and Stick Superman Patriotic Comic Cover
24" W X 32.75" H

Shop for all your superhero wall decor. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ombre Wallcovering

A ombre wallpaper design is when the design fades or lightens every couple of inches, giving your walls a chic design.

The Christel Collection from Warner Wallcoverings has a beautiful vertical ombre leaf trail pattern. The deep purple looks gorgeous against the dark wood frame and furniture.

Looking to wallpaper a small space? Peruse through the Springtime Cottage Collection and you'll find cute small print designs. 

This beautiful blue medallion ombre pattern from Vintage Home is absolutely gorgeous.

The Field Guide Collection is rather masculine however there are great ombre stripes perfect for any space.

Shop for ombre product here are