Thursday, June 20, 2013

Make a Statement with a Wall Mural!

You can have a beautiful focal wall without the expense of hiring a muralist. Murals are available in wall size, chair rail size and door panel size. They are fairly simply to install as they are fabricated in manageable panel sections.

Have fun with a pirate ship or a princess castle mural in your childs room.

Pirate Mural - Chair Rail Size

What boy wouldn't love a herd of dinosaurs roaming his room?

Dinosaur Mural - Chair Rail Size

Country inspired window murals are great for kitchens. The murals can be hung over both painted surfaces as well as wallpaper. When installing over a wallpaper you will need to use a vinyl over vinyl wallpaper paste.

Country Window Box Mural

Create a sophisticated unique look with a beautiful flowering mural.

Spring Mural - National Geographic 

What a fun addition to your childrens playroom!

Treehouse Mural - National Geographic

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