Thursday, July 25, 2013

Unusual Faux Design Wallpaper

The Illusions wallpaper collection from Patton Wallcovering is filled with really unique patterns. You will find a great selection of plain texture wallpaper as well as faux brick wallpaper. The wallpaper selections in this post are just to unique and unusual that I couldn't pass on showing the design and color of these really cool wallcoverings.

The Faux Fabric Drape Wallcovering is available in a number of colorways. We have the gold color on display and on more than one occasion we have customers touching the paper to see if it is real fabric. Once on the wall the pattern comes alive and you can really begin to see the design and the fabric draping.

The Faux Tufted Leather Wallcovering is very modern and is available in both pastel and bold colors. I have been thinking of ways to get this in my home. It is so different and not a design seen very often. The purple colorway is light enough it doesn't make the room seem so dark and dramatic. It brings a nice feminine touch to the room.

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