Thursday, August 29, 2013

Traditional Wallpaper with a Twist

For many years Evans and Brown have designed innovative contract grade wallcovering. Their Brilliance collection, is their debut in to residential wallcovering, and reflects their travels to places such as Venice, Paris, Bali, Bangkok and Istanbul. Traditional with a twist best describes the designs in the collection.

View the Brilliance collection at Wallcoverings for Less

The Criss Cross Wallcovering from Brilliance is available in six colorways and is the perfect wallpaper for small spaces. The gray lattice wallpaper also known as criss cross wallpaper would be nice in a bathroom, add your own pops of color to complete your desired look.

The Brilliant Acanthus Wallpaper from Brilliance is a gorgeous traditional damask wallpaper. The color variations range from pastel damask wallcovering to bold damask wallcovering colors.

The Baroque Marquetry Wallpaper from Brilliance is divine! Especially the black and tan colorway. It is dramatic and has a sophisticated feel. This would make for a fantastic dining room wallpaper. 

Stria Floral from Brilliance

The Vortex Wallpaper from Brilliance resembles a strand of pearls. A stripe wallpaper with a twist is what some of our customers are calling it. The pewter color here is lovely.