Monday, November 18, 2013

Decorating with Peel and Stick in Deep Colors

This is the time of year that we Northeasterners start to hunker down and try to keep warm. Therefore we are spending quite a bit of time inside our homes.  Deep warm colors are always inviting and comforting hues why not bring them in to your space.  If you decide in the Spring you want to change to something brighter and more cheerful, the peel and stick wall decals by Wall Pops are very easy to remove. And very easy to reposition as a matter of fact!

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The Blackberry color is a rich Burgundy tone that can draw out the masculinity of a room.  If you simply add the peel and stick burgandy to an already painted wall, it may be all the room needs to be complete.

The Cameroon design brings together different shades of green as well as burgandy. The Cameroon leafy stripe border brings a lot of the outdoors in. The Blackberry works very well with the Cameroon Wall Pop. Mixing the two designs would make for a great blend.

Brown is one of those colors, like gray, that pretty much goes with everything.  Pink and Brown, Blue and Brown, Orange and Brown, Aqua and Brown...the list goes on. If you are thinking about decorating with brown the Espresso Brown Wall Pops has great coordinating options, alphabets, monograms, blox, dots and stripes.

Espresso Brown Alphabet Set
Contains 87 Pieces per package 

Durham Espresso Brown Monogram
Contains 27 letters per package