Monday, November 25, 2013

Waverly Wallpaper is Back!

And even better than before! So glad to see York Wallcoverings has taken over the Waverly brand wallpaper. They really have taken the brand to a new level of design and color. There are still a few of the oldie but goody patterns in the new Waverly Classics collection. The new patterns embrace the Chevron and Trellis design that continues to be popular. The large scale ornate patterns and floral trail patterns are a nice addition.

To see more Waverly patterns visit Wallcoverings for Less.

Byzance Wallpaper

Casablanca Rose Wallpaper

Country Life Toile Wallpaper

Fantasy Fleur Wallpaper

Framework Wallpaper

Hampton Trellis Wallpaper

Mandarin Prose Wallpaper