Monday, February 24, 2014

Great Kids Wallpaper and Border for all Ages

Chesapeake Wallcoverings new kids wallpaper and border collection, Totally for Kids, is filled with an assortment of patterns for all ages. Of course there are the staple sports borders and coordinating wallpapers to match in a variety of colors sure to match the room decor. The skull damask wallpaper is a jump from the standard kids wallpaper but you can see they are targeting all tastes. Sons of Anarchy fans you may like that pattern for sure!

As most nursieries are stocked with sweet stuffed animals the cuddly jungle animal border and wallpaper are perfect for these types of settings. For the tween girls and the years preceding there is the unicorn border and the vibrant butterfly wallpaper and coordinating border. 

To view more Totally for Kids patterns visit Wallcoverings for Less.

Slam Dunk Border

Sports Balls Wallpaper

X Games Border

Skull Damask Wallpaper

City Scape Border

Jungle Bedtime Border

Jungle Wallpaper

Calico Birdies Border

Unicorn Dreams Border

Tie Dye Damask Wallpaper

Boho Butterflies Border

Boho Butterflies Wallpaper

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Decorate Your Cottage with Pastel Wallcovering

Roses symbolize Love and Beauty. In the wallcovering collection Roses there are feminine wallpapers in lovely pastel colors. The designs would look perfect in a cottage with the dainty flower trails and light and airy damask patterns as well as the stripe wallpaper. The larger floral patterns are great for the larger bedrooms or for a larger space. The rose ribbon stripe is a unique pattern that would complement a bathroom or small office.

All of the wallpaper patterns in this collection are unpasted and Made in the USA. 

To view more patterns from Roses visit Wallcoverings for Less.

 Framed Bouquet Design

Neo Classic Floral Design

Rose Stripe Design

Rose Trail Design

Small Floral Trail Design

 Traditional Trail Design

Tropical Floral Design

Monday, February 10, 2014

Chevron and Geometric Wallpaper Designs Perfect for Valentines Day!

With Valentines Day approaching add a little red and pink to your decor!  Lattice, Chevron and Geometric wallpaper designs are all the craze. Every month the wallpaper manufactures are coming out with new colors. Which is great for us since our customers like to stay on trend.  

If you are rewallpapering a girls room try the bright pink and white chevron wallpaper or the bright pink circle wallpaper. One wall with be enough to incorporate the color and design.

Red can be a tricky color. Sometimes it can look brick red and sometimes it can look apple red. Both hues are reflected here. The lattice wallpaper in red and black is a more dramatic wallpaper while the brick red in geometric wallpaper design is a bit more subdued. 

To view more new red and purple abstract wallpaper designs visit Wallcoverings for Less.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Subtle Victorian Wallcoverings for All Rooms

Even though modern and geometric designs are currently popular there is still a calling for Victorian inspired wallcovering. Mauves and plums are ever present in the Rhapsody wallcovering collection from York Wallcovering. The large traditional vintage damask wallpapers are perfect for older homes looking for a Victorian theme. Between the stripes, scrolls, damask and floral wallpaper, there are tons of coordinating patterns that can be used in ajoining rooms. The colors are rather subdued and have a "worn out" look to them giving you that vintage vibe.

To view more patterns from Rhapsody visit Wallcoverings for Less.

Crackle Stripe Wallpaper

Garden Floral Wallpaper

Regal Framed Damask Wallpaper

Rose Scroll Wallpaper

Rose Scroll in Gold Wallpaper

Small Scroll Wallpaper