Monday, February 3, 2014

Subtle Victorian Wallcoverings for All Rooms

Even though modern and geometric designs are currently popular there is still a calling for Victorian inspired wallcovering. Mauves and plums are ever present in the Rhapsody wallcovering collection from York Wallcovering. The large traditional vintage damask wallpapers are perfect for older homes looking for a Victorian theme. Between the stripes, scrolls, damask and floral wallpaper, there are tons of coordinating patterns that can be used in ajoining rooms. The colors are rather subdued and have a "worn out" look to them giving you that vintage vibe.

To view more patterns from Rhapsody visit Wallcoverings for Less.

Crackle Stripe Wallpaper

Garden Floral Wallpaper

Regal Framed Damask Wallpaper

Rose Scroll Wallpaper

Rose Scroll in Gold Wallpaper

Small Scroll Wallpaper