Monday, March 10, 2014

Traditional Waverly Wallpaper with Modern Design Additions

It's time to return to Waverly!

Their just released Cottage Collection is perfect not only for the conservative decorator but also for those looking for the newest styles and colorings. With this collection, Waverly is introducing a new generation to the traditional Waverly best sellers with the Sweet Violets, Savoy, and Emma's Garden patterns.

In keeping with the current trends included in the collection are the wildly popular raspberry, apple green and grey tones in patterning found in the more contemporary books. Waverly's Cottage is a book for everyone!

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Bellisima Vine Wallpaper

Birdsong Wallpaper

Buzzing Around Trellis Wallpaper

Emma's Garden Wallpaper

Fawn Hill Wallpaper

Luminary Wallpaper 

Picture Perfect in Black Wallpaper

Savoy Wallpaper

Sweet Violets Wallpaper

Sweet Violets Trail Wallpaper